Because of our deep roots in the Las Vegas Industry, hotels give them to us up to 30% off retail price for our guests! Select your dates and compare to find the best deals!

Exclusive Suite Specials

A 2 bedroom 2 bathroom suite, 3 nights for 6 people, for just $975? That's right! We have exclusive partnerships that allow us to get unreal rates for larger suites!


Compare Flights

Our Cheap Flight Search Engine allows you to compare rates between the top competing travel agencies such as Orbitz, Expedia, Travelocity, along with countless industry leading travel agencies to ensure you get the cheapest flight for your requested dates! Not only can you check for Las Vegas flights, but you can essentially go anywhere with this useful Cheap flight search tool!


Free limo

+vip club entry

*2 drink minimum | open 24/7

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