Party Packages

From Bachelorette parties, birthday celebrations to group parties, we can help you set up your epic weekend in Las Vegas! Guest lists, VIP into nightclubs, complimentary dinners, and cheap hotel deals!

VIP Trips

Our VIP Packages are the backbone to Vegas Girl Trips. We have constructed a series of Exclusive VIP Packages for our Members only. Take a look at our Exclusive VIP Packages and let us help you and your girls set up the trip of your lives! Sign up for a free Account with Vegas Girl Trips and take advantage of our insane VIP Packages.

Bar Crawls

Want to go out but don't feel like dressing up for the club? A Las Vegas bar crawl is perfect for you and your group! Experience some of Las Vegas's iconic bars and meet new people from all over the world on one of our amazing Bar Crawl packages!

Things To Do

From touring the beautiful city of Las Vegas in a Helicopter to taking a Ferrari for a few spins around a racetrack, Las Vegas has activities for everyone. That's what makes it the #1 destination spot in the nation! Take a look at what we have to offer and remember to check back as we are always adding fun and new activities for our friends and followers to partake in!


No other city can compete with the events, concerts and shows in Las Vegas. We're truly the Entertainment Capital of the World. And no matter what you're looking for, we've got just the event. There are Las Vegas shows with dancing, singing, acrobatics and more. There's comedy or drama. And a healthy amount of spectacle.

Room & Suite Deals

Vegas Girl Trips has secured hotel contracts with just about every hotel on the Las Vegas Strip as well as with private suite owners. This allows us to offer our customers up to 30% off hotel rooms and up to 40%-50% off on our  2-4 bedroom Suites!

Flights Rate Comparison

Vegas Girl Trips has partnered with the industry leading flight booking agencies in order to provide you with the best possible rates on flights. Use our flight rate comparison tool to compare the rates between booking agencies such as Expedia, Travelocity, Kayak, Priceline and more!


Nothing says "VIP" like showing up in a Limo! Travel in style by reserving a Limo for your group! There's no better way to show up to a nightclub or dinner party than in a Limo! Don't get caught waiting in 30 minute long lines for a taxi. Don't forget, it's about the experience and how else to get the Las Vegas experience than in a luxurious limo?

Strip Clubs

This one is especially popular with our Bachelorette parties…Our online booking platform allows you to book your FREE Limo to the strip club with FREE Entry with the touch of a button. Simply click on the "Book Now" Button, schedule your ride and you will get a call from the Limo driver to pick your group up! And best part is??? You can book it literally within 10 minutes of being picked up so perfect for last minute planners!

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